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Application -- supervision group for experienced consultants, facilitators and coaches













Mobile phone






For how many years have you been practising as a consultant, facilitator or a coach?




Do you have professional affiliations/ memberships/ qualifications? [please specify]





Please describe the nature of your work ‘into’ or with organisations/ individuals in an organisational context












What interests you about this supervision group? 




Are there questions you’d like to cover when meeting, or concerns you’d like to mention?








What would you most like to get from a supervision group with experienced peers?













In order to protect professional boundaries, practitioners may be unable to work with some other individuals in a group context [for example with people whom they supervise or manage].  Please give the names of any colleagues with whom it would be best for you not to work.




















Thanks for filling in the form.  Please return it by e-mail, or if you prefer send it by post. 


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