Thornton Consulting

Organisations undertaking major change or undergoing transition use us to enable leaders to work together more effectively on agreeing, communicating and implementing change strategy. Top teams coaching is usually offered in conjunction with a one-to-one consultation with the leader, to ensure that the best fit with your organisational objectives and leadership style is maintained. We can help you design and implement whole-organisation or leadership community events to maximise buy-in and effectiveness.

Changing an organisation's culture is a slow and uneven process. Progress is made up of many incremental shifts; recognising the important indicators and staying aware of them is a key leadership skill. A 'can-do' culture develops over time, as people become positive and as you understand your leadership role at a deeper level.

Do get in touch for a discussion of how this might work for your organisation.


From our clients:

"We work on real problems, not luxury problems."

"I personally benefited and learnt a lot from the days we spent with you and have really valued the supportive way in which you facilitated some very difficult and challenging discussions."

"Really good. I have been surprised by just how much everyone has 'stepped up'"

"I can see small changes which tell me we are heading in the right direction, such as more willingness to be flexible and 'do what it takes', and steady increases in productivitly showing in the monthly bottom lines."

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