Thornton Consulting

In our groups you develop your management capacity and skills learning in depth and progressing current challenges. You gain sustained and in-depth learning opportunities with like-minded peers from other industries thinking together and learning from each other. Learning is focused on the real professional needs of each individual. Group numbers are kept small [maximum 6] to ensure the maximum benefit to each member, balancing enough people for a diverse spread of views with enough time and attention for each person to ensure in-depth learning. The focus is your own and others' professional dilemmas, with a high degree of trust.

Most 'graduates':

  • are highly positive about the depth and breadth of the learning within and beyond their own industries
  • have developed greater flexibility and a wider range of options when faced with future challenges
  • have enhanced interpersonal skills, even when they started with a good level of skill



"I tremendously enjoyed yesterday, and in fact, I seem to get a lot of value out of our sessions every single time"

"I have learned to work with what is going on, and to use my feelings as well as my thinking"

"Thank you. I know what I have to do now."

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