Thornton Consulting

Our 30 years' experience of working in depth with a wide range of organisations is distilled into short training courses in key areas. We have two new suites of training, 'the secret life of groups' and 'social intelligence for leadership'.

The Secret Life of Groups: Group Dynamics Training

A new suite of training in group dynamics ranging from a half-day introduction to sustained development, based on Christine Thornton's latest book Group and Team Coaching (Routledge 2010, 2016). 

Social intelligence for leadership

Further research led Daniel Goleman to extend his idea of emotional intelligence to social intelligence, the ability to understand and motivate others, essential to effective leaders. This suite develops participants' social intelligence through the power of group interaction. Contact us for more information

All courses are highly interactive and practically oriented; we can tailor courses to your needs. We can also provide a full training design service if you wish to commission a design for delivery by in-house trainers.


What our clients say:

"Deceptively simple. Christine enabled the group to explore difficult issues in a way that seemed very natural."

"Superb. Food for thought and action!"

"At first I wasn't sure if I would get on with the style – I wanted to be "told" what to do, but I came to appreciate the idea of thinking for myself!"

"Very open, focused and friendly and obviously highly skilled and experienced."

"This was the best training course I ever attended"

"A very good teaching style which was simultaneously relaxed and authoritative. She created a comfortable atmosphere from the beginning, provided highly relevant materials and practical advice about real life situations."

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